Authorizing Feathers API Requests for Vue/React/Angular Apps Using Auth0

Recently I’ve been building a progressive web app (PWA) using VueJS as the frontend framework, FeathersJS as the backend API, and Auth0 as my authentication-as-a-service provider. Knitting these three components together turned out to be more difficult and time-consuming than I anticipated–not because it is difficult, but because of some fundamental misconceptions I had about […]

Why I Choose FeathersJS as my API Framework of Choice when Working with College Students

In my last post I discussed frontend frameworks, and why I choose VueJS when working with my students. In that post, I answered some more abstract questions about whether or not this choice is even important (probably not all that much), and whether or not, as professors, we should even be using frameworks (absolutely, yes). […]

Super-fast Secure WordPress Install on DigitalOcean with NGINX, PHP7, and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Updated: 2018-01-01 I’ve recently begun migrating websites from my old web host to DigitalOcean. Today, I’m documenting the steps I use to stand up a new server instance. Some of these technologies are still close to the bleeding edge, so if you’re really worried about stability, you may want to stick with some of the […]