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My Google Cloud Sandbox

In order to teach myself how to use Google Cloud services, I needed to create an OAuth Client ID. Part of the process requires setting up an “OAuth Consent Screen” that requests:

  • an authorized domain
  • an application homepage link
  • an application privacy policy link
  • an application terms of service (TOS) link

Any apps I create for my sandbox are NOT intended for general public consumption and are strictly for my own learning. I set this page up to be the endpoint for the above links.

Privacy Policy

The “My Google Cloud Sandbox” app is NOT intended for general public consumption. If you do stumble upon it and happen to use it, any and all information about you the app happens to gather will be completely ignored.

Terms of Service

The “My Google Cloud Sandbox” app offers no services to anyone. It is purely a vehicle for my (Morgan Benton) own personal learning. As such, anyone other than myself is not entitled to any rights, privileges, or guarantees of any kind in connection with any functionality that may or may not exist here.


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