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DIY LED Bubble Tube: Part 6–First Test!

Okay, so I haven’t had a chance to 3D print the base for the tube that will hold all the components together, but I couldn’t wait to preview what the finished bubble tube was going to look like. So without further ado, take a look at this video:

I have to say, I am totally frickin’ excited about how this is coming out. I have to wait until the semester ends and all the students have finished their final semester projects before I can get into the maker space to use the 3D printer, but I know I’m going to be there the very first second that I can!!!

I tested this out on the deck first. You know…in case the bottom came off and flooded me out again. But after about an hour without incident, I got brave and moved the whole setup inside. (Cross your fingers that I don’t flood my kitchen and drown my electronics!) One cool thing is that I ordered a new, quieter pump, and you can barely hear it. That means that you get the soothing sound of the bubbles popping at the top of the tube. Talk about feng shui!

After staring mesmerized at the bubbles for a couple of hours, my imagination began to completely run away with all of the possibilities for variations and upgrades to this project. Today was the last day of teaching for the semester. I can already tell you where are large chunk of my summer is going to be devoted.

If you just stumbled onto this post, you can find the first five parts of this tutorial series here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5.

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  1. Is this sealed on top? Or is there a check valve there also to allow the air out? If not I would think the built up pressure would eventually stop any air from entering the tube. Nice work btw.


    • Hi Bruce,

      Currently the top is open, but eventually I will create some kind of lid that will allow air to escape, but hopefully prevent spillage should the tube fall over. At present, I don’t have any plans to try to make this a closed system.


  2. So, now that you have built this, I would like to know if you plan on maybe providing plans for the do it yourselfers like me. I would pay for said plans. My daughter is a Speech Patholigist and wants me to build her one fot her students. I have watched all the videos and look forward to hearing from you!

    • Glad you liked it! I’m not quite done. I still have to 3D print the base and assemble everything. After that, I’ll definitely post everything. That being said, you could probably build yourself a different base that doesn’t require 3D printing. There should be enough info in the posts to do all of the programming and connecting the electronics together. You just need to design a housing that will keep the tube upright, and hopefully protect the electronics from water in case of a leak or spill.

  3. AWESOME and thank you for sharing your “adventure”. I am creating a sensory room at my church for our special needs ministry. Of course the price to purchase one is too much for us. I have been searching the net to find a DIY project and your’s is exactly what I’m looking for. Thank you oh so much for sharin.

  4. Thanks for sharing all the products needed including the price and location so helpful. Your bubble machine turned out good.